It was an amazing experience filming 19 videos over 5 days for LEGO, and the best part was that nobody stepped on any bricks! Filming was pure bliss, and it was great to draw upon my childhood memories of LEGO. We had a rock star crew who expertly managed all the moving parts.

The main videos centered around a choose-your-own adventure series that LEGO is famous for, with two children playing in a house and using their imagination to create different scenarios for their LEGO City heroes. The other videos were centered around LEGO Ninjago, featuring the heroes and villains from the series using their ninja skills to battle one another. We produced videos in every format available, including Instagram stories, shopper videos, documentary interviews, and shorts. It was intense on paper, but on set, it was a gleeful experience to make everything work.

I'd like to express my gratitude to Invisible Artists and Brave Bison for their production and creative collaboration. Working with both teams was an organic experience, and they made it one of the best experiences of my adult career.