I was fortunate enough to direct a branded doc-ad sponsored by Google. It covers Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and how a local startup in Singapore is using the tools made by Google to help navigate the ad world. This was one of the harder projects I was involved in, mainly because I was a late addition and much of my time was spent catching up to speed with production and the interview subjects. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning isn't easy to comprehend, either. 

Using AI & ML in this sense could help ads stay more relevant on platforms such as Facebook. It works by analyzing images used in advertisements and collects data on what works well on these images and what doesn't. The AI can measure everything that shows up in the image (from trees to people with beards) as well as how long people look at the image, where the product or ad is in the frame, and so on. It can grade the image and give feedback to the creative designers and agencies involved in using them, helping them see what's working in an ad and what's not. It also makes sure their ads stay priority on the platform, making sure the best-rated images stay to the top and don't get lost in the ad space. This is instant feedback for the creators that make these ads. These creators also get paid better based on how well their ads due, giving more incentive to the creator.