It was a joyful experience for me to work with a German publishing company that produces coffee table books based on various themes. They wanted a video to showcase their brand and gave me the creative freedom to come up with a concept. I settled on an idea they had on their list but hadn't explored yet - abandoned villages.

The concept follows a photojournalist as he travels to Houtouwan Village, a fishing village that nature has reclaimed since its inhabitants left in the early 90s. I came across an article about it several years ago, and its beauty has stuck with me ever since.

Getting to the island was a bit stressful due to the lack of information available and the language barrier, making navigation challenging. However, I had the privilege of working with a small team of collaborators, and together we made the most of an incredible experience.

Spending three days on a beautiful, serene island made the project worthwhile. The locals were incredibly friendly and accommodating, making our stay all the more enjoyable. With stunning scenery all around, finding the perfect shot was a breeze. Our main goal was to capture the life of a photojournalist as authentically as possible, and I believe we achieved just that. We created a comfortable environment for everyone involved and maximized the potential of our respective disciplines.